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Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?

Are you tired of having to comb through dozens of articles trying to figure out if DC Comics has done something cringeworthy today? Would you like to be the first person to know how long it's been since DC's alienated fans, minorities or people with discerning taste? Do you like regularly experiencing schaudenfreude at the expense of a major corporate entity?

Well, the Outhouse has the solution for you! is your one stop source to see how long its been since DC f-d up.
Aug 6 '13
DC Comics Told Paul Pope They Only Publish Comics for 45 Year Olds
Reportedly, the head of DC Comics told Pope that if he wanted to comics for kids, he can do Scooby Doo.

DC Comics Told Paul Pope They Only Publish Comics for 45 Year Olds

Reportedly, the head of DC Comics told Pope that if he wanted to comics for kids, he can do Scooby Doo.

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    45 year old men*
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    A shit move from DC, but Pope could publish an all ages comic with Image or Dark Horse. He is creative enough to come up...
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    Fodder for everyone’s shows.
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    At this point, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop with the inevitable disastrous mega-crossover that causes...
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    I must thank DC too…for giving me more of a reason NOT to give them my money…:)
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